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          1. CURRICULUM IN YEAR 7
          2. CURRICULUM IN YEAR 8
          3. CURRICULUM IN YEAR 9



          4. CURRICULUM IN YEAR 10

          Reading fiction and non-fiction; Writing fiction and non-fiction: Blood Brothers and A Christmas Carol.

          5. CURRICULUM IN YEAR 11

          Macbeth and revision of Reading fiction and non-fiction; Writing fiction and non-fiction. Blood Brothers and A Christmas Carol.

          Admission Appeals At Wright Robinson College- September 2020

          If you were not offered a place for your child at the college for September 2020 you have the right to appeal.
          Parents who wish to appeal for a place at Wright Robinson should contact Mrs Duffy (0161 826 1026) to request an Admission Appeal Form and Appeal Guidelines.
          Alternatively you may collect an Appeal Pack from the college gate staff during school hours.

          The Admission Appeal Form must be returned to Mrs Duffy by Friday 27th March 2020.
          Failure to return your appeal form by this date may result in a delay of up to 40 school days for your hearing.
          Admission Appeals will be held:

          Friday 1st – Wednesday 6th May 2020

          Decision letters from the Appeal Hearings will be sent to parents by Friday 15th May 2020.

          Dismiss Notice

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